Sunday, March 13, 2016

No-Spend February

No-Spend February ended up going really well for us and it wasn't too difficult to abstain from purchasing non-bill items! We went to a few free events around town, had friends over, cooked at home, packed picnics, went hiking, and sought out relaxing activities that don't cost a dime!

Our city hosted a Winter Lights Festival that was completely free to attend! There were light sculptures created by different artists along the waterfront, and a daring group put on a fire show.

 My bestie and I got President's Day off, so we spent the day doing at-home beauty treatments, watching movies, making friendship bracelets then getting dressed up to go nowhere!

 I went on two hikes during February with some of my favorite couples! It was wonderful to be in nature and catch up with such lovely people! We packed a picnic lunch for one of the hikes and found picnic tables to share our food and rest a bit.

 Lucky me had a free drink at Dutch Bros, so my friend and I left work and headed out to redeem my free drink! I chose a dinosaur egg blended rebel. Yum!

We have a myriad of super fun tabletop games, so this month we spent a day playing Betrayal at House on Haunted Hill. I actually won!

This month was Valentine's Day, so Jon and I discussed beforehand how we wanted to celebrate in a free way and created two plans that depended on the weather. It was a rainy day, so we stayed in and ate french toast in bed, watched movies, took a bubble bath, exchanged our homemade gifts then made an amazing dinner and dessert. It was pure bliss! He made me this amazing flower that lights up when you press the button! It's all made out of recycled materials that he found around the house.

I encourage everyone to go a month without spending so that you can recharge your bank account and really look at the things that are important. It was nice eating our food at home or at friends' houses instead of eating out as frequently. We had a great time in the forest, playing games, doing at-home beauty treatments and even coloring!

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