Thursday, July 18, 2013

Throwback Thursday: Post 1

I have a new project!  I love having things to work on and plan out!  This new project involves scanning all of dad's old photo albums.  I've decided to devote one evening per week to this task and decided that Thursday would be perfect as it's Throwback Thursday (#tbt on instagram, twitter, etc)!  I started off with these shots from our trip to Athens, Greece & it took me about 20 minutes to get all of the scanning done.  The cropping, fixing red eye and tagging places & faces in Picasa took a bit longer, but it was all worth it!  I am so excited to have all of these pictures on my computer now!

I love this shot of me. I have no idea why since I'm stuffing my face in it!
That dog in the water followed us that day and we became good friends!
How cool is it that my dad kept this in the album!
Some tips:
  • Label your file folders on your computer by year the pictures were taken, then have folders in the year folders with specifics ie: Athens Trip, June Camping, Jon's Birthday etc
  • Take the time to fix each photo by getting rid of the red eye or lightening it up a bit
  • Put descriptions of the trip somewhere by either naming the pictures with a short description (acropolis, hotel, etc), putting a word document with a description of the pictures in the album in your picture folder or by using the description function in Picasa which is what I've been doing. With Picasa I can tell it the date that the pictures were taken, where they were taken, who's in the pictures and give a description to each folder. Click here to learn more about Picasa:
  • Share the pictures! Share them on your favorite social networking website, your blog, e-mail them or upload them to Dropbox and give the link to friends/family. 

I hope that you enjoyed a little piece of my family history!  I'll be uploading shots on a weekly basis (hopefully!).

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