Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Potluck Picnic Party

It's summer!!!  That means that it's time for potlucks and enjoying time with your friends in the great outdoors :)  With the help of my hubby, we planned out a potluck picnic in the park with friends.
I distributed the invites via text, Facebook and the old-fashioned way of handing them out. Next, we got ready for the party by making up the favors & packaging the flatware, cups and napkins together. I made "Bon Apetit" tags for each set of flatware by cutting scrapbook paper in the shape of a tag, writing on it with sharpie and then punching a hole in it. Then we tied each set of flatware together with the tags. This took a few episodes of Star Trek to finish!
We placed a set of flatware and a napkin in the cups.

The cups then went into the picnic basket favors that I made in this post: DIY Picnic Basket Favors. I also put bubbles and candy in each basket.
We were in a large park so I bought balloons to make our table stand out a bit. Plus, balloons are fun!
I purchased a dollar store plastic tablecloth and taped it underneath the table so that it would be secure. I made PB&Js, creamy chicken spaghetti, ambrosia (cool whip, marshmallows, can of very cherry fruit & mixed berries) and banana-rainbow chip cookies for the party to eat.  I wanted to make sure that there was at least one dish for each category i.e. entree, side & dessert.  To drink we had juice, tea, coke, water and one adult drink: pink bikini. I decorated the table with little vases of flowers from my apartment.
Time to eat!

We brought frisbees, bocce ball & a kickball to play with in the park.  Many people had never played bocce ball before, but they all picked it up quickly!  It was a ton of fun & I definitely recommend throwing a potluck for you and your friends :)

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