Sunday, June 2, 2013

May 2013 Resolution Report

It's June already! How'd we get here so quickly?!  Five months of the year is gone already and thankfully, I can look back and say that I'm still sticking to my resolutions.  The hubby and I still discuss them every Sunday night before we go to sleep and take notes on how we've done in our Google Calendar event.

One of my resolutions was to reach a healthy BMI & that involves losing about 30 lbs this year.  In May, I hit a bit of a plateau.  I was the same weight for most of the month.  I check my weight once per week & it was really frustrating me, so I decided I needed something to help me beat the plateau, so I began the Spark People Bootcamp Challenge. It involves doing a video each day and a 30 minute cardio workout at least 5x week. Here's the information on the plan:
I ended up losing 2 pounds after the first week & conquering my plateau!  Here I am a few pounds lighter enjoying the outdoors (another one of my resolutions):
May was gorgeous here in Texas, so we went to the park for a picnic on one especially beautiful Saturday! We brought a blanket, fruit, sushi, crackers, Italian Soda, cake, flowers and Bocce ball. We ate, listened to music from my phone, played Bocce then just relaxed on the blanket.  Absolutely amazing!  We enjoyed the outdoors and I had something to write about in my thankfulness journal that I told you about in my last resolution report.
I'm ahead on my Reading Challenge Goal! I've read 16 books this year & I'm going to keep going :)
I'm on a roll & I'm charging ahead!  How are you doing?  I hope that you're doing well! Good luck :)

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