Friday, June 21, 2013

First Camping Trip of 2013!

I'm so excited for summer!  Camping is one of my favorite things to do during the summer and we recently went out to the lake for a fun weekend camping!  We try to go to once a month during the warmer months, so that we can swim in the lake, hang out by a fire at night and enjoy the sounds of nature while we sleep.  Look at the view from our campsite!:

 We can't ignore our exercise routine while we're camping, so we took the dogs on long walks around the park each time. There are a ton of activities that burn calories to do while you're camping; swimming, walking, running and bike riding. We even did a bit of water aerobics while we were in the lake!
 Although it's easy to buy chips, cookies and a bunch of processed junk for snacks while you're camping, it's also easy to package up fruits and veggies before you go!  We cut up watermelon and put it in Pyrex containers in order to have healthy snacks while we were camping. 
 One of my favorite parts about camping is the food!  I love grilling with coals and using a campfire to cook my food. It takes much longer, but what else are you doing! Below is my Beef and Beans Tin Foil Dinner.  It was AMAZING!
 Bones enjoys camping, too!
 Not all of my meals turn out exactly as planned. This my egg & bacon breakfast disaster. Fortunately, I had a back up plan and we didn't go hungry!
 Hanging out waiting for dinner.
 We always spend a lot of time playing cribbage while we're at the campsite. It's a great activity during the really hot parts of the day.
 We brought our tubes and spent a while drifting around the shore of the lake. It was incredibly relaxing and we didn't burn thanks to our 100 SPF sunscreen!
 The hubby and I in front of the lake. Ladies, I recommend bringing a bandanna for your hair.  I have bangs and they get pretty crazy looking without a hair straightener, but with the bandanna, I can just keep them back nicely.
 Bring some rope so that you can hang your wet clothes, towels and bathing suits!
 Here's another amazing dish!  This is my Sweet Summer Sausage Tin Foil Dinner.
 A picture of my lantern at night. I use citronella candles to help keep the bugs away! Beauty and purpose :)
 Our fire for s'mores!  We put Reese's Peanut Butter Cups in our s'mores this time and it was amazing!!!!
 On our last day we cooked Pillsbury cinnamon rolls over a campfire.  You have to turn them every once in a while to keep them from burning and to cook all the way through. They were delicious!!!
 Good bye campsite! Remember to pick everything up before you leave. Don't leave a mess!
 Wasn't it gorgeous!  Go see the parks in your area if you have the chance. It'll be well worth it :)

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