Thursday, June 13, 2013

Bacon and Egg Breakfast Disaster

We went camping this past weekend and so before we left I went to Pinterest for some ideas for what to eat when I came across a recipe for Brown Paper Bag Eggs & Bacon. The recipe stated that I could line the bottom of a brown paper bag with bacon then crack an egg or two in there, fold the bag at the top then place it over the fire until the grease is about halfway up the bag.  My husband's instant reaction was, "won't it catch fire." 

Here's the start of our meal:

Looking good so far...

 And then it caught fire.
 Just totally burnt up while I was waiting for that grease to go halfway up the bag!
 Looks appetizing, huh?
 Ok, try 2. This time we put a baking sheet underneath the bags.
 Came out perfectly!  The egg was cooked just how I like it and the bacon was crispy!

So please be careful when using brand new recipes & remember to have a back-up plan! We brought extra eggs & bacon just in case.

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