Thursday, May 9, 2013

Fitness & Wellness Party

It seems that many of my parties, and parties in general, seem to be centered around getting fat with my friends.  Since I'm working on a resolution to hit a healthy BMI this year, I jumped at the idea to throw a fitness party after I read about it on SparkPeople. I planned it all out using Google Drive by creating a shared document that my hubby and I could both contribute to. My document had tons of lists including menu, activities, guests, shopping, etc. Once I had the plan, the party was easy!

Here's my shopping loot. I focused on fresh!

Here's the table set and ready for people!

 I created a DIY Trail Mix area. There are mason jars for everyone to fill with trail mix. I put cupcake liners on each jar so that people could decorate the tops. Next to the jars, I put nuts, raisins, dried fruit, pretzel sticks and M&Ms in bowls so that everyone could fill their jar the way that they want. Mine was nut free due to my braces!
 A veggie tray, of course! We made a ranch dip using a container of greek yogurt and a packet of ranch dressing mix for the dip, then put the dip in the peppers.
I made this recipe for Fruit Salsa , then purchased cinnamon pita chips to dip in the salsa. It turned out amazing! 
 I made flavored waters, by putting fruit in the pitchers with water the night before. This gave it time for the fruit flavors to infuse in the water.
 We had three competitions throughout the day. The first was to guess the amount of calories in the Big Mac, Whopper and Baconator. The winners of each then competed by guessing the amount of calories in a McDonald's salad. The winner got the Calorie, Fat and Carbohydrate Calculator book and the food scale.
The next competition was longest hula hoop! The winner was my friend, Jessica, by a long shot. Everyone had it going for less than 5 seconds whereas she was still going at a mine. She won the hula hoop! Our last competition was fastest run around the park and Jessica's hubby, Tony, won the competition. They're a pretty fit couple!

The rest of the time, we just hung out at the park and played. I had frisbees, Bocce ball and balls. It was a beautiful day for playing outside!

 I know a fitness party isn't the typical thing to throw, but I'm glad that I did it! I had a great day with my friends and I burned calories!

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  1. yay! how amazing are you. Thanks for the wonderful ideas. I'm throwing a wellness party today for girls and women and this just fits in perfectly. I'm so happy that it turned out to be divine and a unique idea it is isn't it? <3