Sunday, April 14, 2013

March 2013 Resolutions Report

March turned out to be a spectacular month for resolutions!  I am happy to report that not only did I complete my first 5K running, but I ran another the next week!  That's right, two 5Ks this month.  Here we are right before the first race. I completed it in 36 minutes!  The next race was a few seconds longer (I had to stop and tie my shoelaces 4 times because it was so wet!).

Another one of my resolutions was to spend more time outside.  The hubby and I along with our two pups have certainly made a point to get outside. We've spent some time exercising around our neighborhood and local parks as well as going to fun events in the outdoors. Here we are paddle boating at a local park:
The Doggie Dash:

This is the hubby and I right before a hay ride through the Serengeti ranch:

I've kept up with my books as well.  I only read two books this month, but I'm still on target to read about 36 books this year.  I am part of the GoodReads challenge. I put in the books that I've finished, so it'll tell me my progress:

Ready to see my weight loss photo?  It's pretty amazing, so hold on to your seat and don't let you jaw drop too much!

Amazing!  I should have put March 2012/March 2013 instead of Before/After since I have no plans to quit now!  The after picture is more like a during.  Between those two pictures is a 48 pound weight loss.  In the month of March alone, I lost 3 pounds. It feels great and I can't wait to keep going :)

How are your resolutions going?  I hope that you're on the right track.  If not, then don't lose hope! It's only April :)

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