Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Pajama Party!

Remember how fun sleepovers and hanging out in your pajamas were as a kid?  Well, I see no reason to discontinue the fun which is why I threw a pajama party for my friends and I!  It wasn't a sleepover; just a party in which the dress code was pajamas :)

We had the basic idea, the next step was to figure out all of the details.  My husband and I created a Google Drive document to  place the ideas for food, activities, invitation wording and guest list.  Whenever we had a new idea, either of us could go on and make changes to the document.  Next, I created the invite and mailed them out.

It's in the shape of pajamas of course!
Now onto the food!  I used my Google Drive document to keep track of what recipes we'd be using and the links to find them.  Here's a shot of the food and drinks table:

Bones loves to be in the picture!
For the food, I decided to go with breakfast foods since it seemed fitting to eat breakfast while in our pajamas.  I chose finger foods to make it easier on everyone and it wouldn't be such a mess.  We made little name tents for each of the items on the table.
At every get-together, I choose one food that I just have to throw in the oven and not worry about a recipe.  French toast sticks were the perfect option!

I also always try to pick one healthy option.  Here is my fruit tray of melon, berries, oranges and grapes.  Next to it is my Key Lime Fruit Dip (1 container of marshmallow fluff, 1 small container of cool whip and 1 key lime yogurt mixed together).  The dip wasn't a very healthy option, but it was delicious! 

These beautiful muffins came from The Nonpareil Baker.  They were absolutely delicious!!!

We made some homemade donuts as well.  This recipe was courtesy of Southern Plate.  Not only were they amazing, but they were fun to make, too!

The recipe for these muffins came from the amazing Paula Deen!

Now to the drinks!  We made Mimosas and Bloody Marys to go with the breakfast theme.  We also had some non-alcoholic juices available.

A shot of the entire food table.

Now onto the blanket fort!
We started with putting the blanket fort over my ceiling fan so there would be a lot of space.  It ended up not feeling cozy enough, so I took it down and we started again!

My silly hubby.

A much cozier blanket fort.

We used fishing line and safety pins to secure the blankets and sheets together.

Once the fort was up, we went under and played a game of "Life's a Pitch."  It's a great group game.  If you haven't played it, then I definitely suggest giving it a try!

It was a ton of fun and we all got to feel like kids again :)  Now to start planning the next party...


  1. I grew up having pajama parties all the time with my best friends. =D Those were the days when we would stay up late telling scary stories, sharing our secrets, and talking about boys. =P I love how your ceiling fan had a purpose putting up the blankets for a tent. Can’t wait for your next party idea!

    Staci Severns

  2. Thanks Staci! Pajama parties are totally the best!