Wednesday, January 9, 2013

2013 Resolutions!

Happy New Years!  Good luck in your resolutions!

I know what you're thinking; resolutions are dumb and never work.  Well, with that attitude, of course they don't work!  2013 is a new year and a new chance to start fresh with new resolutions.  If we stop trying to better ourselves, then what happens?  I refuse to give up!

While eating dinner on New Years Eve, my husband and I discussed what we'd like out of 2013 at the table.  We talked about our careers, health, becoming better people, etc.  One key to achieving your goals is by simply writing them down, so next we got out a sheet of paper & some colored pencils and made this:
My scanner refused to scan the whole thing, so I had to take a picture of it :/
This beautiful graphic representation of our resolutions is displayed on our fridge.  We plan on moving it around, so that it gets seen and not forgotten.  

The next step was to make sure that we held ourselves accountable, so the hubby and I decided that a weekly check in on how we're doing would be just perfect.  I created a Google Calendar invite and we get alerted every Sunday to go over our resolutions.  Here is a screen shot:

As you can see, the title of the event is "Go over resolutions," and the description is a list of our resolutions.  This will repeat each Sunday night until December 31, 2013.  I have it set towards our bed time so that we can talk about it while getting ready for bed. 

One of our most exciting resolutions is to jog a 5K this year!  We completed a 5K last year while walking, so I'm excited to pick up the pace a bit.  Here is the shot from last year:

We've begun an 8-week 5K program through SparkPeople that will help us get used to jogging.  It involves three days per week of doing a mixture of jogging and walking, gradually jogging more than walking.

What are your resolutions and what are you doing to achieve them this year?  Good luck in your resolutions everyone!  I'll post updates on mine along the way.  It'll help keep me accountable :)

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