Sunday, October 7, 2012

Lantern Ghosts

Now that it's the Halloween season, it is time to update our porch!  We have paper lanterns outlining the front of our porch, so it was pretty easy and cheap to turn our lanterns into ghosts with just a few items.

  • Paper lanterns
  • Black construction paper
  • Double sided table
  • Scissors
  • Cheese Cloth
  • Cut black construction paper into ovals/circles to create ghost eyes and mouths
  • Tape the eyes and mouths on the lanterns

  • Cut the cheese cloth into squares with a circle taken out of the middle
  • Lay the cheese cloth over the ghost so that the hole is at the top where the light goes into the lantern 

  • Hang the lanterns back up
View during the day:


View at night: 

Close up during the day:

Close up at night:

Our porch is now ready for Halloween!

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