Tuesday, October 2, 2012

End of No-Spend September Report

Well, we made it..for the most part!  My husband and I embarked on a journey to go an entire month without spending money on the "extras" during No-Spend September.  We had a few instances of spending money, but for the majority of the month, we succeeded in our goal to save instead of spend.

We went out with friends and drank water.  We watched our favorite shows on netflix and at the gym (the gym has cable!).  We baked cookies and cupcakes instead of going to a bakery.  We went hiking and walking around our town.  All of this made it easier to save money.

Here is a reminder of why we decided to have a no-spend month:

I went on two work lunches in which I spent $6 on one and $5 on the other, so I was pretty proud to keep costs so low.  During the last weekend of September, my brother, his partner and my dad came to visit.  During that weekend, we watched television, played board games, went swimming, carved a pumpkin and ate most meals at home. 

We kept the costs very low for such a special weekend (My dad just returned from a year of living overseas and is about to go back).  We ate out twice and went to one bar, so we spent roughly $30. I got to buy my brother his first Appletini since he turned 21!  He didn't like it, so it meant more for me :P

First picture of the three of us since my wedding...3 years ago!

Even with these instances of spending on the "extras," I still feel that my hubby and I accomplished our goals.  We set out to change our spending habits, eat more homemade foods, spend less on entertainment, be grateful for the free things that life has to offer and save up money for a new car, a house, vacations and a rainy day fun.  We did all of those things.  During August, we spent roughly $600 on eating out, shopping, going to the movies, etc.  Going from $600 to $41 is pretty impressive in my book!

I encourage you to do the same.  Pick a month and go without spending.  Write down your goals for the month and what you want to get out of it then go for it!  We're going to make this a yearly thing & I'm excited to do even better next year!

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