Sunday, September 9, 2012


My husband and I have decided to go a whole month without spending money on the "extras."  We still want things like power, a place to live and food to eat, etc., so we decided to continue paying out bills, but the extra stuff like eating out, going to the movies and sweets runs have got to go.  

My hubby and I both have developed some bad spending habits and those habits are keeping us from achieving our goals, and getting what we want out of life.  Our solution was to spend a whole month without spending money on the "extras."

The first thing we did was come up with our goals for saving money.  We sat down together and created a list during our lunch break. I took that list and created this:

Our savings manifesto is our reminder of why we're doing a no-spend month.  Now when I feel the temptation to buy new clothes or run over to the gas station next to my office for a candy bar or Jon wants to buy a new tech gadget that makes no sense to me or run to the coffee shop for a latte, we look at this.  This is our reminder of why we're saving money.  

Someday we want a house, more reliable vehicles and to go on amazing vacations around the world.  We don't want to jeopardize those dreams with daily sonic drinks, fast food tabs or mid-afternoon trips to buy sweets (my co-workers and I call these "field-trips" and we usually end up buying ice cream or over-priced cupcakes).  

Instead of going out to eat, we're making our own food
Southwest black bean burger with tomato and avocado.
$30/meal ---  $3/meal

Instead of going to the movies, we're staying in to watch Netflix
Seriously, watch this movie if you haven't already.
$15/2 movie tickets ---  $8/A whole month of movies & TV shows

Instead of going out for baked goods, we're making our own
Almond Sugar cookies.
$2/cookie ---  $2/3 1/2 dozen cookies

Instead of  going out shopping, we're doing volunteer work
We made BBQ plates to raise funds for United Way
$20/A new shirt or pants ---  $0/2 hours of volunteer work

I'll post updates along the way.  Wish us luck :)

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