Sunday, September 16, 2012

No-Spend September Mid-Month Update

We're mid-way through our No-Spend month and so far the only "extra" that we've spent on was a birthday lunch at work.  I spent $6 on the daily special, so I don't think that's too bad compared my usual trips out to eat with coworkers :)  

We have been making all of our meals at home instead of eating out.  It involved more planning and a bit more grocery shopping, but we've enjoyed it.

We have been baking our sweets instead of buying them pre-made at bakeries or getting candy from the gas station next to my office.

We have been making smoothies & lattes at home instead of going to the coffee shop.  

This delicious smoothie has grapes, baby spinach, honey, an avocado and green tea in it.  Absolutely amazing!!!

We went camping during the middle of the month. We decided that it would help us achieve our no-spend month goals because while out in the wilderness, there is nothing to spend money on!  The campsite was $36 for two nights, but we made the reservations and payment last month, so we didn't really spend anything this month.  I know, I know, that's totally cheating! We figured that a $36 cost was worth it.  While out camping there was no temptation to go out to eat, go shopping or go to the movies.  It also changed up our weekend plans from the usual sitting at home watching TNG to playing outdoor games, swimming, hiking, playing card games and grilling.  Camping was a great way to make September stand out!

So we're doing great and we're looking forward to making it the rest of the month without spending money on the "extras."

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