Sunday, May 13, 2012

First Camping Trip of the Season

Here in Texas the weather has been between the 60s and 80s lately, so I felt that I better take advantage of the cool weather before it goes away by spending some time in nature!  My hubby and I packed up the dogs and our belongings and headed out to Canyon Lake for the weekend.  I had seen some amazing pictures of "glamping" or glamorous camping on Pinterest, so I decided to try glamping up our trip in some little ways :)

Day one of camping!

Relaxing after pitching the tent and putting everything away!  We were exhausted!

We chose Potter's Creek Park for our weekend camping expedition.  You can book online and it was only $18/night!  The Army Corps of Engineers run it and they do an amazing job.  The place looks great!

Each tent site comes with a grill, circular fire pit, electric outlet, water spout and covered picnic table.  You can have two tents per site, so friends of ours joined us on night 2.  We had an amazing amount of space, so we were far off from other families.  The tent section of the park is on a bit of a peninsula of the lake, so we were surrounded by water.  Luckily for us that meant that we always had a nice breeze going and our section of the camp was much cooler than other areas.

Here is our cabin tent from the mid-90s!  My dad used to take my brother and I camping in this old tent and it still holds up for my family.  It's 16 x 10 ft, so it's really roomy for my 2 person and 2 dog family :)  I think that the front awning, large citronella candles and folding chairs help glamp up the outside of the tent.

Here's a view from behind our tent and our friends' tent.  You can really see how far we were from our neighboring tent site and how large our tent is!

See what I mean by roomy?  Jon and I pushed two single airbeds together then put our sleeping bag over it.  It made for a really comfy sleep at night!  I added the throw pillows and throw blanket to glamp up the inside of the tent.

A view from the outside of the screen.  Jon and I were able to spread out and play cribbage on the floor during some of the hotter parts of the day.

Now onto pictures of my pups!!!

This gorgeous girl is 12 years old!

Buffy and I were the first ones up so we went out to the water and watched the sunrise. Buffy loves the feeling of the sunshine on her fur :)

Bones had enough space on the airbeds to really stretch out!

Bones running around during our hike around the camp.

Buffy and I trailing behind Bones!

Here is my favorite campfire recipe:

Tin Foil Dinner
  • One of each pepper: red, yellow & orange
  • 8 beef sausages
  •  1/2 lbs. of baby potatoes
  • 1/2 of a white onion
  • 2 cloves of garlic
  • A few dashes of Italian seasoning, salt and pepper
  • 2 tablespoons of olive oil

  • Get your fire going
  • Cut the peppers and onion into strips
  • Cut the sausages into bite size pieces
  • Mix everything into a bowl & toss
  • Next make an aluminum foil pocket for your food.  Make sure that the food is spread out a bit so that every part of your meal gets cooked all the way through
  • Put your meal on top of your coals or on a grate above a fire depending on what you have
  • If you put the meal directly on top of coals then it will take roughly 10 minutes to cook.  If you put the meal on a grate above a fire then it may take an extra 10 minutes 
Scroll to the bottom for a printable recipe card.

You can eat your meal directly out of the aluminum pocket or serve it up on a plate like we did.  Delicious!

If you make this meal prior to your camping trip then you can put the meal into pyrex containers and store them in your cooler until you're ready to cook your dinner.  I did this and it made for a quick an easy meal prep.

We also ate hot dogs, s'mores (of course!) and sandwiches this trip.  We brought apple slices, baby carrots and celery sticks to snack on.  We bought a filtered pitcher, so we were able to drink water from the camp site instead of buying and lugging around water bottles.

We hung paper lanterns up for lighting, bought a picnic tablecloth and bought small lanterns in order to glamp up dinner :)

I bought this lantern at Target and put a citronella candle inside to help out with keeping bugs away.

A view of the lake from our campsite

Sunset on the lake

Day three of camping!  We were incredibly relaxed after sitting around in the sun, hanging out by the fire pit with beers and friends and sleeping to the soundtrack provided by the animals of Canyon Lake.

You can look up all kinds of lists of things recommended to pack when you go camping, but here are some things that I added:
  • Bottle opener-We seriously forgot this one and had to go to a gas station for it.  We couldn't have had as fun of a time without that opener!
  • Ant killer-Spray beneath your tent so that when you are constructing and deconstructing, you don't end up stepping in an ant pile.  My feet got a couple of bites to prove the importance of this item.
  • Birth control-Camping is super romantic, so take advantage!
  • A filtered pitcher-This was the best thing ever!
  • Bandannas-  They are so amazing for keeping your hair back or covered.  They also make my dogs look adorable!
  • Outdoor rug-We were able to wipe our feet before getting into the tent this way.
So that's my first camping trip of the season!  We'll be going again in a month, so I will definitely be posting more pictures, tips and recipes :)

Click on the recipe card and it will take you to a Google Documents page where you can print it

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  1. The "Sunset on the Lake" pic is one of my most favorite shots. I love how bright the star [planet? space station?] is.