Sunday, December 25, 2011


Here is a collection of picture describing my Christmas :)

My husband and I spent the weekend on the River Walk in San Antonio.  It was absolutely gorgeous!  The city switched to LED lights this year so the river was brighter than usual.

One of my candy cane jingle bell door hangers:

I made it using an old wire hanger, red jingle bells and a little bit of ribbon.  It was an incredibly easy craft and it made my doors way more festive!

One of my doggies in her Christmas dress:

Both pups in their Christmas outfits:

My patio decorated for Christmas:

It won 3rd place in our apartment complex's decorating contest so we got $50 off next months rent!

My dinning room table decorated for a Christmas get-together with friends:

We had cookies, firecrackers, candy, winter ale, wine and Charlie Brown plates!

Candy Cane Blossoms:

The recipe for these is on the back of the candy cane kisses package.  They were a huge hit!

These are the best crackers ever!  They are incredibly addictive so bake with caution :)

My gorgeous Christmas tree:

My tree on Christmas morning:

I put mirrors on the inside of the tree which made it three times brighter than before!

Santa Bones in front of the tree:

Both puppies with the tree:

My puppies on Christmas morning:

Bones with his new toy:

Jon with his stocking:

He decorated the stocking and I filled it :)

Jon just opened his gifts:

I love this shot because it's just like a kid on Christmas morning :)

He got the 25th Anniversary edition of Back to the Future:

It came with all three movies on blu ray plus some additional special features!

I hope that everyone has a wonderful Christmas!!!

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