Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Halloween Wreath!

I LOVE Halloween.  It is my favorite holiday and decorating for it each year is one of my favorite things to do :)  This year I decided to make a nice wreath for the holiday instead of covering my door with the grim reaper (I moved him to a window this year).

The materials needed for this craft:
  • Plumbing foam tube
  • Duct Tape
  • Tulle
  • Bag of Creepy Crawlies
  • Foam Letters
  • Hot glue gun & hot glue
  • Cut the Plumbing foam tube to the size that you would like then duct tape the ends together
  • Start covering the tube in tulle using the cow hitch knot
  • Make sure that each knot is facing the same way and pull them tight
  • When it is completely covered hot glue letters and creepy crawlies to the wreath
  • Hang it on your door and take a gander at what you've created!

Now my door is ready for trick-or-treaters to come a knocking in just 3 short weeks!

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