Thursday, September 1, 2011

My First Time with Poymer Clay! It Involves Angry Birds!!!

My friends over at are amazing with clay charms and magnets and their work inspired me to make some magnets of my own! Since Angry Birds is huge right now, I decided to make Angry Birds magnets, so that I could set a scene on my fridge of the birds going after the evil pigs!

First of all you need your materials:
  • Sculpey clay
  • Acrylic paint & brushes
  • Magnets
  • Epoxy glue
  • Finishing Spray
  • Glitter
  • Spray Adhesive

Next, decide what you want to make and start shaping your clay.  I decided to go with an angry birds theme!  This stuff is a lot like playdough, so it's really easy to use!

Get all your stuff shaped, then follow the baking instructions on the box.

When they've cooled down then you can paint them.  After they're dry then start spraying them with the glossy finishing spray so that they'll shine!  The more coats of the spray then the shinier they will be.  I used 3 coats on mine.  

The last step is to glue your magnets on to the back of the clay creations & start using them!

I chose to make one of my creations more sparkly, so I spray a little bit of spray adhesive and then sprinkled the glitter on top.  This little owl is for a friend of mine that adores owls :)

This little cupcake is a homage to my friends Sugi and Ai!  It's definitely not as pretty as their Cupcake charms, but practice makes perfect :)

I absolutely adored this project and I'm excited to make more clay creations soon!  I'll definitely be making more pigs, blocks and a giant slingshot so that I can play angry birds on my fridge!


  1. awww Amber these are awesome!!! Just a little advice though with the spray finish. You shouldn't use it with the polymer clay. Apparently there's something in spray finishes that reacts badly with the polymer clay and eventually they're gonna turn really sticky even if you don't handle them too much. It was something we had a problem with the very first time we made clay stuff. And after getting a lot of advice from wiser crafters it seems the thing to do is to use floor finishes. Which I know is weird but they all swear by them. You can read more about different finishes here

  2. Thanks for telling me!!! The only reason that I didn't buy the floor shine like you guys is because I had the glossy spray already. I'm glad that I didn't make too many of these magnets on my first go :)