Saturday, September 24, 2011

Happy Fall!

Although Texas hasn't caught up with the changing of the seasons, I'm still forging ahead with changing my decorations!  I recently found this craft from The Swell Life on Pinterest and I immediately knew that it was a craft for me!

A pre-fall pic:

Fall Transformation!:

I started out with 5 old wine bottles that had been scrubbed of their labels.  I peeled as much of the labels off as I could before I soaked them in warm water for about an hour.  That got more of the labels off, but not all of the sticky gunk, so got scrubbing with some nail polish remover to get the remnants.

Next I sprayed them all down with a plain white spray. 

The next step was the orange in the middle and the yellow at the bottom.  I had to go back over some spots with the spray to get the nice even candy corn look that I was going for, but it was definitely worth it to spend the extra time!

I decided that these upcycled wine bottles turned candy corn vases needed flowers, so I picked up these black roses from the dollar general.  I just loved the orange glitter on the tips of the petals :) 

The three bottles of spray paint was roughly $8 including tax and the flowers were $5, so for just $13 I was able to transition my counter into fall!  Happy fall everyone :)

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