Thursday, September 1, 2011

Cheapest Porch Decoration Ever!

This is another inspiration from pinterest.  I saw this a few months ago and it took me forever to finish it, but I'm glad that I finally did!  I had the cans in my freezer (this will make sense soon!) just waiting for me to turn them into beautiful decorations!

The materials for this craft:
  • Tin Can
  • Hammer
  • Long Nail
  • Spray paint (optional)
  • Fill the can with water then freeze
  • Draw a shape (hearts, stars, leaf, etc) of your choice on the can
  • Use the hammer and nail holes along your shape
  • Let the ice thaw
  • Spray paint cans
  • Add candles and voila!

The 5 cans at night

A close up of one.

My lanterns with the porch light on.

A close up.

The only cost to this project was the $1 spray paint can that I used and it could be left out!  I love it and my porch has an awesome new look :)

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