Wednesday, August 24, 2011

My Wedding Shelf

The different wedding items have been moving around from shelf to shelf for 2 years now, but since my hubby and I redid our second bedroom and added a large bookshelf, everything gets to be together on my new wedding shelf :)

This is the top shelf of a 5 shelf 6 foot tall book shelf.  I put our guest book, guestbook pen, toasting glasses, cake serving set, first Christmas married ornament, wedding tiara and picture frame in there.  

The back of the shelf has three cut out hearts.  Each map is of a place special to my husband and me. The first is where we met: 

Okinawa, Japan
The second is where we got married:

Coos Bay, Oregon
The third is the port city to our honeymoon cruise:
Seattle, Washington
  I was thinking about writing on the hearts what each means, but I'm not totally sure.  Suggestions?

I am so excited to have everything together!  My wedding stuff was picked by my grandmother and I loved it all from the moment I saw it! They all have lilies which are my favorite flower.  They were heavily featured at the wedding as you can tell from the pictures below:

An elegant photo of a newly wedded couple.

A fun picture of a couple enjoying their wedding day.

I absolutely adore my husband and we had the most beautiful wedding together.  Having a shelf to commemorate such a wonderful day in our lives is a truly spectacular sight for us to see and share.

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