Friday, August 26, 2011

My New Cake Stand

I love to bake, but until recently didn't have a place to display my baked goods! On Pinterest, I recently found a DIY for a cake holder made out of a plate and a cup, so I decided to make a trip to Goodwill so that I could make one of my own :)  

The first step was to pick my plate and holder.  Instead of a cup like in the tutorial that I saw, I went with a vase.  These two pieces were only $3 together at Goodwill.

Next, I gathered my materials: plate, vase, beads, spray paint, glossy spray and glue gun.

In order to spray paint the beads, I hung them inside of a box and sprayed them.  I didn't want the spray to get everywhere, so the box really helped me out with that problem.

Next  I hot glued the beads to the bottom of the plate.

A few sprays of the glossy modge podge spray gave it a nice shiny look.

The final step was to use it for my freshly made white cupcakes :)

I love how easy and cheap this craft turned out.  It could have turned out so many different ways depending on the plate and cake stand base which is something that increases the likability of this craft!