Sunday, August 21, 2011

Organize Your Jewelry!

My jewelry was all over the place and it was getting really difficult to find certain pieces so I decided that it was time to get organized!  It was getting to the point where I was only wearing what was on top because it was easier than sorting through the mess!  

This piece is made up of 2 home depot yardsticks, a yard of scrap decorative molding, upholstery nails and picture hanging materials.  I used wood glue to attach the yardsticks and molding then painted the whole thing.  Because I used yardsticks, it was really easy to space the upholstery nails perfectly.

Here is a close up of the upholstery nails.  My necklace holder came out to roughly $10 total.

Here is a picture of my entire jewelry wall.  My bracelet holder was inspired by another blogger.  It is made up of a frame from goodwill, a pegboard and knobs from World Market.  This ended up being the most expensive part of my project because I had to buy the entire $8 pegboard even though I only used 8 x 10 of it (I have plans for the rest!) and the  knobs were pretty pricey ($18!).  

Here is a close up of my earring holder.  It is 6 strands of yarn braided together then nailed to the wall.  I put a large fabric flower on it as well.

So now I have a place for all of my jewelry and can clearly see every piece that I own!  I love that these three pieces helped me organize and decorate at the same time :)  How do you organize your jewelry?