Thursday, August 25, 2011

Presents for Geeks

Two of my friends moved into a rental house a few months ago and so I decided to make some geeky housewarming gifts for the two :)

My friend loves mustaches!  I decided that he needed more mustaches in his room, so that's when I came up with the idea for pillowcases that had one huge mustache.  With these his room definitely makes the statement "I like mustaches!"  I bought the super cheap white pillowcases from Wal-Mart, then I used black fabric paint and free-handed each side of the 'stache.  Before giving these to him, I put them back in their original packaging, so when he opened the gift it looked like I just gave him plain ole boring pillowcases!  It was great when he pulled them out and saw what they really were :)   

Here is a computer wreath for my computer technician friend :)  My hubby (also a computer tech) helped me take apart an old computer so that we could make this.  First I wrapped a wreath with green yarn like I did for the wreath on my door, which took forever!  I definitely recommend putting a television show or two on while you do it.  Next I arranged the parts how I wanted them and started hot-gluing them in place.  At the top I used colorful computer cords to create a bow, so that it looked more like a wreath.

These two projects were way fun, incredibly cheap and most important, they were personalized for two great friends :)

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  1. Probably the first post I've ever read on a blog where "mustache" is one of the tags/labels!

    Interestingly, America is the only country that spells it that way, too. I looked it up since I'm used to spelling it "moustache" which is correct also, but in American English it's the way you spell it.