Saturday, August 20, 2011


I absolutely love baking and trying out new recipes.  Here are a few recipes I've made in the last few months with links where I got the recipe if there is one :)

These were a Valentines gift for my husband.  Every year I buy him cherry cordials since they're one of his favorite treats, but this year I decided to put a spin on them.  These cherry cordials were baked inside of brownie mix and placed in muffin cups.  I call them cherry bombs!  He absolutely loved them.  Oh! I froze the cordials so that they would keep some of their consistency throughout the baking process.

This is just a plain ole cherry pie.  I got a TON of pie crust at the end of the school year from my after school program.  Since it was about to expire and most food banks don't take perishables, I was given 9 boxes of pillsbury crusts!  I made a few yummy pies and still ended up throwing some of the crust away.

This is sopapilla cheesecake and it was one of easiest recipes that I have ever made!  It was super simple and absolutely delicious :)

These are brown sugar cookies.  I absolutely loved the consistency of this cookie.  It was like biting into a cloud!  I also thought that they were a little plain.  My plan is to make them as a snickerdoodle next time!  I think that some cinnamon and sugar will definitely kick these cookies up a notch :)

These halfway to heaven peanut butter cookies were to die for!  The recipe called for oats and I was afraid of the consistency turning out crazy with all of the oats, so I put the oats in a plastic bag and ran a rolling pin over them to break the oats down.  I baked half of the cookies on my silicone baking sheet and half without and I definitely liked the softer cookies baked on the silicone better than the ones without.  It all depends on personal preference though :)

Aren't these hideous!  I am definitely not the best at truffles, but I'm sure that it takes practice :)  These sugar cookie truffles were absolutely delicious.  I used pillsbury dough instead of making the sugar cookies from scratch to save time.  I don't have a food processor, so I just crushed the cookies in a plastic bag.  Unfortunately that didn't break down the cookies enough, so there were some chunky parts to my truffles.  My husband liked that aspect of the cookies, but I wasn't a big fan, so I won't be making these again unless I have a food processor!

Every week my friends and I get together for meatless Monday and on Manday I decided to make an Apple and Brie Melt with Crock-Pot Baked Apples.  They were AMAZING!  The apple & brie melt was like an awesome grown-up grilled cheese sandwich.  When shopping for brie make sure and ask for help because some brie are salty and that does not go well in this sandwich.  I loved that pairing these two recipes helped me get rid of a 3lb bag of gala apples in one night!  

Enjoy some of my recent recipes!  From now on I'll try to post one recipe per post and show the steps along the way :)

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